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Khulani Children's Shelter Home:

The Shelter was formally registered as an NPO in 2003, it was established to provide a Place of Safety for orphans, abused and abandoned children as well as to equip disadvantaged youth with life skills. Children are placed at the Shelter by the State Welfare Department and the SAPS, by a Court Order, the shelter is supervised by social workers from the Department of Social Development. Within the Khulani Shelter children are provided meals, clothes, education (including uniforms, stationery etc.), medical care, they also receive counselling and therapy, and are given opportunities to participate in community events and religion. 

Khulani Vegetable garden Project

Khulani Vegetable Garden Project is a project which operates under Khulani Children's Shelter, at a site in Barwood Place. it was donated by the eThekwini Parks Department. the aim of the project is to grow vegetables and herbs to feed the people involve in the project, sell the excess to provide income and to teach agricultural skill to adults and children involved in the process.

Khulani Stars Sport Academy

The khulani Stars Sports Academy was established as an extension o the Khulani Children's Shelter in order to identify talent and develop skills, and to provide recreational facilities in the community. The club is committed to developing quality players by becoming directly involved with local communities and welfare organisations and includes disadvantaged youth from the surrounding areas in addition to residents of Khulani.

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